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+ Life of COIL

COIL is an Elastic supply currency. It's circlution is revised regularly, every 23 hours.

Total bases

Unlike other seignorage currencies, increasing and decreasing of COILs in circulation is non-dilutive.
This can be emphasised further when Central "Reserve" banks print new money, it dilutes the net total share of all other citizens in the State Economy, and selectively benefits a handful of participants.
Coil was designed to specifically tackle this issue. Whenever the monetory policy is revised, it affects the all the holders proportionally, without exceptions of any kind.

Age of Coil
yY mM dD xH cM vS old
Born 4:20 PM April 20, 1969
First base
4:20 PM April 20, 1969
+ Supply Adjustments

Total Supply

Historical Supply Curve

+ Inflation Info

COIL is an improved version of Ampleforth (AMPL) that hard forked during mid-August of 2020. It improved upon the disadvantage faced by worldwide users of encountering the "basing window time" lying in the odd hours. COIL has a 23-hour retargetting mechanism that ensures everyone around the world gets an equivalent oppurtunity to witness the base and take trading/speculating decisions far more comfortably. It levels the ground and gets rid of the unfair advantage assigned to a particular Time-Zone.
The Ampleforth CPI (Consumer Prices Inflation) records began at $1 (USA dollar) on Jun-14-2019 (01:26:28 AM UTC) as the base rate. Since then (a.k.a. "Genesis"), the Oracle (ChainLink) has been feeding the USD CPI onto the Ethereum blockchain.
CPI at Hard Fork
COIL uses the Oracle (same, ChainLink) to input the Inflation (CPI) data into its own Smart Contract to revise its monetary policies every 23 hours. The CPI at the time of the Hard Fork was 110.356333333333339472% (absolute) and is hard-coded into the COIL Smart Contract Address: 0x7f0c14f2f72ca782eea2835b9f63d3833b6669ab at Line: 808, and is coined baseCpi; for use throughout the Coil Ecosystem. As time progresses, the USD's CPI is expected to keep growing due the ever-growing inflation in the United States, pushing the Target price of COIL higher and higher.
+ Market Capitalizations

USD Market Capitalization
$ 111,222,333,444

USD Market Capitalization ($) - Today

USD Market Capitalization ($) - Last 31 Days

USD Market Capitalization ($) - All-Time

ETH Market Capitalization
Ξ 222,222,222,222
BTC Market Capitalization
+ Oracle Prices

The Oracle reports twice before each and every base:
  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • 2 hours 15 minutes
  • before, repectively, prior to each new basing window's opening.
    Last Oracle Price
    $ ?.????
    (Latest Report: #)
    Base Oracle Price
    $ ?.????
    (At Base #)
    The Oracle's reported price is a moving volume-weighted average of COIL prices in all on-chain markets, including ETH and AQUA pairs at Uniswap.

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    Most recent Oracle reports
    Press the button above to view (or toggle) the full historical reports of the COILs Price Oracle.
    (Ordered by the most recent reports first)
    + Target Price

    COIL re-targets the USD adjusted to inflation (CPI in USA).
    First target was exactly $1 and it gradually increased due to persisting devaluation of the U.S. Dollar by inflation.
    Lower Threshold
    $ 0.9500
    Price Target
    $ 1.0000
    Upper Threshold
    $ 1.0500
    The price reported by the COIL's Price Oracle determines the change in total supply of COIL.

    If it is higher than the upper threshold, the overall supply of COIL is increased.
  • Such an event is called a Rebase.

  • If it is smaller than the lower threshold, the overall supply of COIL is reduced.
  • This kind of event is termed a Debase.

  • However, if the Oracle's reported price is in between the upper & lower thresholds, there is no change in monetary supply.
  • Such a base is known as Neutral base.

    All the addresses, including Springs, Waterfall, Treasurary, Uniswap pool, etc. undergo all the bases, be it the neutral, a rebase or a debase.
  • + Market Prices

    Market Price
    $ ?.????

    Price in USD ($) : Today

    Price in USD ($) : Last 31 days

    Price in USD ($) : All-Time

    Uniswap Price
    Ξ ?.????
    Price in Bitcoin
    42 Satoshi
    + Details about Last Base

    Last Supply Change
    +/- 666,666.666
    Last base
    Around a few clocks ago
    4:20 PM April 20, 1969
    Details about Latest Base
    + History of all Bases

    Recent history of basing

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    № ↕ Time ↕ Change ↕ Circulation ↕ Oracle Price ↕ Adjustment ↕ Target ↕
    0 Initial Total Supply 0.0000% 3 000 000 1.0000 0.0000 1.0000

    + Insights into Next Base

    Next Supply Change

    This is only a *Prediction.

    It assumes that the Oracle price at the time of basing will be equal to the current market price.
    Next base
    In about ..sometime
    4:20 PM April 20, 1969
    + Trading Volumes

    24h USD Volume
    $ 222,222,222,222

    USD Trade Volumes ($) - Today

    USD Trade Volumes ($) - Last 31 days

    USD Trade Volumes ($) - All-Time

    24h ETH Volume
    Ξ 222,222,222,222
    24h BTC Volume
    + Stakeholder's Calculator

    Stakeholder's Calculator

    Find out your network share, worth of an account and other interesting facts.

    For COIL hodlers

    Enter amount of a COIL or a holder's address.

    For Liquidity Providers

    Input a number of UETHCOIL or any LP's address.

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